iPhone 12 Mini Failure: Why do Compact Flagship Phones fail?

iPhone 12 mini

A small-sized phone with top tier features and specifications. Such a phone sounds very appealing to all of us but why do the sales and success show us some other picture? Compact flagship phones like Samsung Galaxy S10e and iPhone 12 Mini weren’t really as successful as the companies thought they would be. Please don’t mistake these phones as those budget-friendly small phones like Google Pixel 4a or iPhone SE, these phones are pretty popular because of their prices but not in India. In this blog, we will discuss the iPhone 12 Mini Failure as a Compact Flagship Phone.

Apple is planning to stop the production of the iPhone 12 Mini. It is very unusual for iPhones considering their popularity and also the sales of the whole iPhone 12 Series. Apple is continuously pushing offers and discounts on the iPhone 12 Mini, it shows how Apple is struggling with the sales of its smallest kid. In 2018, Samsung also released one compact flagship phone, Galaxy S10e, which was a great phone without any major drawback like iPhone 12 Mini but still it didn’t take off well in the market compared to the other phones it launched with like Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus.

I personally really like the iPhone 12 Mini and the Galaxy S10e. Galaxy S10e was an impressive phone and iPhone 12 Mini should be considered the same if we remove the battery issues. The phones were supposed to sell like fire but ended up like ash. There are multiple reasons behind the failure of such phones. And we will try to point out as many as we can.

1. Competition from the phones of their own series

iPhone 12 Vs iPhone 12 Mini size comparison.
iPhone 12 Vs iPhone 12 Mini

This point involves basic consumer behaviour of looking for more value in a product. The compact phone always fails to provide that value compared to the next phone in that series. If you pay a little bit more then you can get a bigger screen, better battery life and a socially superior phone.  If you are planning to buy an iPhone 12 Mini and you are paying Rs 67,000, the level of value you get from spending another Rs 10,000 to buy an iPhone 12 is enormous. iPhone 12 Mini is identical in other things like MagSafe and other specifications other than the things mentioned above. People prefer going for that expensive model so that they get a full-fledged phone which is also socially superior. The only way to make the iPhone 12 Mini successful is to reduce the price so much that people don’t compare it with the iPhone 12.

2. Very niche market leading to iPhone 12 Mini Failure

Everyone loves a small phone and admire them but in the end, they move on to the bigger phone while making a purchase decision. I am not talking about the people who want to buy nothing but a small phone. That kind of market exists but it is very niche. There were many users five years ago but now this market is very small. Only appealing to that niche makes it really hard for companies to make a hit out of these phones. 

3. Smaller Phones means Smaller Battery

The major disadvantage of making a small phone is that you don’t have enough space to fit in a decent amount of battery. This problem is a major stumbling block for a manufacturer. Budget-friendly compact phones don’t face this problem. Because the less-powerful processor and less-contrasty display save a lot of battery for them. iPhone 12 Mini have a below-average battery life in the early phase of the phone and after 2 two years of usage, it will deteriorate more. It really makes iPhone 12 Mini a tough choice for a consumer considering this level of the battery. 

The only way to eliminate this disadvantage is to reduce the size of batteries without reducing the capacity. New technology in batteries, Graphene Batteries, could change that. You can watch this video to understand the concept behind the same.

4. Very hard to go back from a big screen.

Samsung Galaxy Note 1 is the first phone of the Note series which comes with a stylus named, SPen.
Samsung Galaxy Note 1

Let’s go 10 years back, Samsung launched Galaxy Note 1 and it was a 5’3 inch phone. It was considered enormous and tech reporters despised that screen size. Samsung gave consumers they thought they didn’t need. And now we know a 5’4 inch iPhone 12 Mini is considered to be a compact phone. People are very used to bigger screens now. Looking at such a cute iPhone 12 Mini makes them feel good. But when they have to consider their media and gaming consumption on that device, most of them back out. We are very used to looking at huge phones and transition to such small phones is not very easy for all consumers. 

The only version of the compact phone will be successful in the near future.

I am not here to tell you that every compact flagship phone will fail but as we know most of them didn’t take off well. There is one category of compact flagship phone which I think can be a success in the near future once they are more accessible when it comes to price. I am talking about ‘Clampshell Foldable’ phones. You can refer to Motorola Razr’s commercial to understand the form factor. 

I think this form factor will be a success because;

  1. They can compose a bigger screen and a bigger battery in a way smaller form factor. 
  2. They are way more socially superior than the glass bricks we use on a daily basis.
  3. To put it simply, they break out of the normal and mundane phones and make using phones fun again.

My views on ‘iPhone 12 Mini Failure’

1. Samsung Galaxy S10e failed and then the next with S20, Samsung didn’t make a small phone. They probably won’t touch this product stream for some time. We all thought that the iPhone 12 Mini will inspire other Android companies to make a compact phone. After the ‘iPhone 12 Mini Failure’, I don’t think they will jump into this product line. I think not a lot of Compact Flagship phones won’t make it to the market in the near future.

2. I also want to highlight a disparity between the online content creator’s views and a consumer’s views. This year with the launch of the iPhone 12 Series, the favourite phone of every tech reviewer was the iPhone 12 Mini. I thought it would be a big hit but the consumers felt otherwise. A perspective of a reviewer is very myopic as they keeping shifting phones. At the same time, a consumer thinks differently while buying a product. With that, all I mean is that don’t fix up your mindset about a product or a service as a consumer by just reading or watching a specific content. ‘iPhone 12 Mini Failure’ is a paragon of the same.

With this article, I have tried to understand the market and consumer behaviour that involve the success of a product. If you think I have missed any point or you disagree with me then please let me know in the comments section below. 

Thank you for reading. Peace out.

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