OnePlus Nord’s Marketing is better than the OnePlus Nord itself.

Whenever you open your youtube, you saw this. Whenever you open tech news, you will see this. Whenever you open your social media feed, you probably saw this again. We all are Peter Parker and OnePlus Nord has become our Tony Stark,“ Everywhere I go, I see his face.” Well, maybe this reference is lauding the phone more than it deserves. I just mean the phone is omnipresent and everyone is talking about it. Why so much hype for a mid-range phone anyway? Is the phone worth the hype? Is it a ‘Marketing Fiasco’ or ‘Best in the world Marketing’? We will try to answer all these questions and leave you to decide the outcome.

In this blog, we will not provide you with the specs sheet of the phone and we will not persuade or dissuade you to buy the phone. In our opinion, the marketing of the phone is better than the actual phone. I certainly believe that the process of the launch of this phone can be a part of future business case studies, just because they have created the hype for a phone which no company could ever create. Now don’t jump on me saying that Apple has created more hype than this. I disagree here, Apple has more hype for its brand than its iPhones.

Why did OnePlus give this much attention to Nord? According to Carl Pei, Co-founder of Oneplus, development of mid-range phones for a smartphone company is always an afterthought of their flagship phones. OnePlus wants to change this thing. The actual simple reason is that now with the launch of the OnePlus 8 Series, OnePlus has become a proper flagship phone from a flagship killer. They want to move back to their roots and show that the original identity isn’t launched yet. They have given so much effort for this to show that everything they do, they do it with great effort.
They have used many types of Marketing and PR techniques to create such an impression on the world. There were some conventional, some unconventional or some gimmicky as well. I am listing down the most important ones here;

1. Separate private Instagram page for Nord.
They created a separate private page for the releasing information of OnePlus Nord. First 100 followers of the page got a chance to pre-order the phone. Every information about the page was revealed there and after a few days of the launch, the page is now followed by more than 1M users. Click here to have a look at the page.

2. Changing the dynamics of phone leaks.

OnePlus just made the job of phone leakers a bit redundant when it comes to Nord. They made sure they will tell you about the phone before leakers tell you about it. This whole teasing your phone a little every day made sure Nord stays in the headline all the time.

3. Pre-order of the phone before the reveal.
They allowed pre-order of the phone three times before the phone launch or reveal. Nord was sold out in just a few seconds, the kind of hype they created which made the consumers pre-order it even before they have seen it. Though the number of phones were pretty less and seems a bit gimmicky for us, it really helped OnePlus to create a wave.

4. Meme game ON.
Memes are one of the most influential modes of marketing these days as they are highly relatable to the crowd as well as they are not perceived as an ad. OnePlus used memes extensively for some it might be cringe-worthy content or for some people, it might be highly impressive content. What’s more important is that they managed to make the whole internet make memes on that. Carl Pei even promised to give away one Nord to the best meme on twitter.

5. OnePlus Nord’s “New Beginnings” Documentary.
They are launching a series of episodes of “New Beginnings” Documentary which will present us with what it took to create this phone. This move was to make their loyal customers more curious and more attached to the brand. The impressive attribute of the episodes is that they don’t look like some ‘Corporate PR’ video, it looks very raw and original. Click here to watch the first episode of the Documentary.

6. OnePlus Nord AR phone launch and AR invite.
Pandemic has made it really hard for smartphones brands to launch their phones. OnePlus took an unconventional as well as an innovative approach when they launched the phone on OnePlus Nord AR App through Augmented Reality. This approach made them look very ingenious and drew them a lot of attention. They sold ‘cardboards’ which had a QR code on it which allowed the consumers to see how Nord would look in their hands. They literally sold more than 45000 of those cardboards 2-3 days fro Rs. 99 on I personally bought one and it is a pretty aesthetic and exciting product in my opinion.

7. Online Pop-up queue

Every year after the launch of any OnePlus smartphone, there are small Pop-up queue competitions at every OnePlus Exclusive Store. If you win the Pop-up then you will get a chance to buy the OnePlus device and exclusive OnePlus Merchandise and Phone covers with it. Due to the pandemic and social distancing norms, they planned an Online Pop-up queue on Instagram, you just have to create can Nord avatar from their website and upload the same on your Instagram while using #NordPopUp.

OnePlus managed to use all of these marketing instruments successfully and there were also some of the small techniques which I didn’t mention here but they also managed to grab a great impression. I believe the kind of marketing importance they give to this phone made the presence of this phone ubiquitous.
Now let’s talk about the phone!

Does this phone have the best specs sheet in the midrange phone market? NO! Is this phone the most attractive piece of hardware at this price? NO! Does this phone have the best software UI? Well, we will leave that to your personal preference. This phone is not the best in any specific category but it is surely next to best in every category which makes it a good package of all things you need in a phone at this price.

We might say that the processor is not Snapdragon 865 which is the one of the best in the market right now but they are giving Snapdragon 765G which will be good enough for a normal consumer. There are many things like that which are not the best at this price but they have integrated a lot of good things in such a manner that you will get the best experience from this phone at this price.
Well, do I think it is an overhype?

Yes, it is an overhype for me but they are more filters to my answer here. I think it is an overhype for all the YouTubers or tech bloggers or just tech enthusiasts as they knew a lot of information already and it was a multiplication of information for them. This made it annoying for me in the end. We need to understand this thing that just because it is an overhype for an enthusiast doesn’t mean it is an overhype for the whole industry. Enthusiasts really consist of only less than 1 per cent of the total population. The general public is still very excited and that is why it is the most anticipated smartphone on ever.

The success of this phone.
When we talk about the success of the phone, it is pretty obvious until now that it is ready to break some records in India as well as in Europe. This phone will not be available in North America but Carl Pei also confirmed that future phones from this series will launch in North America. The importance of iPhone SE is dissipating from the market but if Google unveils Pixel 4a in some days then there can be a problem for Nord in certain markets if not India. Read this to understand the impact of iPhone SE in India.
I think the phone is pretty good and it will be a huge thing for the market. The marketing of the phone was more enticing for me than the phone itself. Nord is not just a phone for the industry but a deal-breaker which will force flagship smartphone brands to pay more attention to the midrange market. In the end, the consumers will benefit and this subsequent rise in competition in this market will be a win-win for us. If you had an option to buy a phone at this price, will you buy OnePlus Nord? If not then which phone would you like to buy? Tell me in the comments section below.

Thank you for reading. Peace out!

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