Huawei Ban by the US can be a win-win for all consumers.

Recently, Donald Trump in his executive order extended the ban on Chinese companies like Huawei and ZTE to sell telecommunications equipment to the US companies until May 2021. He also banned the respective companies to work with any US-based company or take services from them. The Huawei ban was imposed last year in May due to security concerns as these companies were accused of transferring critical data to the Chinese Government. Amidst the US & China trade war, the Chinese companies became a major victim of the crushing situation.

As a repercussion of the ban, Google was not allowed to work with Huawei due to which Huawei can’t access Google Play services. Just imagine an Android phone without Google Play Store, Gmail, Google Maps and other Google services. It is a nightmare for any brand to operate in the Android ecosystem without those services. Even if you are using an iPhone, imagine no google apps on your phone. I am sure you can’t rely on Apple Maps, they will send you to Ahmednagar even if you want to go to Ahmedabad.

The response of the ban

After such a gut-wrenching attack on your company, if the company still sustains all its profits then they are the real legend. After one year of the ban, Huawei is still the second biggest phone manufacturer right now and profits are just increasing day by day. Meanwhile, Donald Trump on Huawei’s performance after the ban is like, “Am I a joke to you?” Huawei has made their own services to replace Google Play Services and has made their own Huawei AppGallery with the number of apps increasing consistently. They don’t have all the apps on their platform right now but the platform is expanding at a rate so unexpectedly rapid. They have also collaborated with Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo and other Chinese brands to persuade developers to develop apps for this platform.

Becoming self-reliant is the primary goal now

Such adverse situations either make sure we cease to exist or revitalize the company through the schemes of innovation, Huawei chose the latter. They are trying to be as self-reliant as they could be just because the business environment is completely unpredictable here. You certainly can’t trust Donald Trump ever. Huawei already makes world-class hardware and they have started to insource a lot of components used to make their phones. Last year they unveiled their HarmonyOS to the world, and here’s why HarmonyOS can create a heavy impact on this industry.

Applications for lesser devices

Have you ever wondered why Snapchat or Instagram cameras work so better on an iOS device than any flagship Android device with the best of the hardware? The software is the real player here, no splendid hardware can substitute the advantages of good software. I don’t mean to say that iOS is better in every aspect, I am myself an Android fanatic. It is rudimentary that Apple only has 3-4 core devices and app developers only have to make apps for them whereas in android, for developers the purview of app development is very wide and they have to develop one app for the repertoire of thousands of devices.

As Huawei ban is pushing them to make their OS, all the app developers will only have to make apps for Huawei devices. Considering the level of hardware Huawei provides, they can push the standards beyond current market players. The apps will be hopefully smoother on HarmonyOS than any other OS as their hardware allows them to do so.

The gigantic ecosystem no one could ever offer.

Companies just don’t market their phones now. They also market their software and ecosystem. They sell experience more than their features now. Apple is on top of this leaderboard and android companies are making some significant efforts. Huawei with HarmonyOS can change the game. HarmonyOS is specifically not an OS just for mobile phones. It is based on the Internet of Things (IoT), a system that connects all our daily objects to each other for efficient data transfer, which will not only allow creating a system with phones, wearables and laptops connected to each other but all the smart appliances which will work on HarmonyOS.

HarmonyOS is the OS which supports all kinds of smart devices from your watch, phone, tv, smart home decor, smartpen, laptop, and even your car. Imagine a life where everything works on the same platform and everything is conveniently offered at your plate. HarmonyOS has the potential to make our lives look like a multi billionaire’s life in a sci-fi movie. If you tell me that Apple is doing it then you are probably wrong. They have different operating systems for iPad, MacBook, and iPhone but here everything will be just running on the same OS and this is a differential factor in my opinion.

Expected market response

All these fancies of Donald Trump are making the lives of many companies miserable. Especially, Google is foreseeing huge trouble for them as a new open-source OS can come in the market with wide capabilities. If this HarmonyOS is launched in Huawei phones in future years then it will be a tough ride for Google because our assumption that we are highly dependent on Google services will be challenged. Now we can’t imagine our life without the Gmail app or Youtube app, but Huawei has the potential to take us to that part of our life which we currently can’t imagine about.

I know It is very optimistic from my side and they can fail too, but there’s a bigger picture to it that people are missing. Chinese companies are united and at the same, the hold of the Chinese government is very tight on these companies. Huawei with the Chinese government can easily pursue all other Chinese brands like Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi etc., to adopt HarmonyOS side by side. You all know that all these brands collectively are the market leaders right now and they can push Google really out of the game.

Final Thoughts

I have anticipated many utopian possibilities here and I think I should tell you a realistic and most likely outcome. Google and Huawei are begging for the fate of the universe to be on their side in the 2020 US Presidential elections. They are hoping that Donald Trump doesn’t get elected this time and the US-China Trade War is over so that they can work together again. In my opinion, the future is very unpredictable because we are talking about 2020 here.

Their partnership is very crucial for both the parties and they will not leave the opportunity to work together. They are dependent on each other which makes it less probable for HarmonyOS to disrupt the technology market. Most probably, Huawei will stick around Android for several years. HarmonyOS will still be rolled out for all the devices other than phones and backend development of the OS for mobile phones will go on effectively. I have tried to give you a very wide prediction of mine about this industry and we all know that this industry affects us a lot. The future will tell us the real story but if my blog seems to be an astute theory to you. Or if it seems utopian to you then please share your views in the comments section below.

Thank you for reading. Peace out.

Authored by Akshay Jain

Thoughts by Akshay Jain & GG

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