iPhone 12: What to expect from it and other Apple products?

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Apple has reached a 2 trillion dollar market capital a few weeks ago and the unusual rise in the stock price was because of the anticipation of the September or October event. The event is expected to be really good and that has increased the demand of Apple’s shares exponentially. First of all this year’s iPhone are going to be a bit late due to COVID-19, the announcement might be in September, we are not sure about that as well. The iPhone 12 series will be in markets by November in India and October in the rest of the world. 

So if you are someone who follows all the leaks then you might know all this but 95 per cent of the population doesn’t follow them. We will not be talking about small incremental changes in the iPhone 12 series like the processor or camera for that matter. This will be about things that will change drastically and also matters a lot to consumers. I just wanted to tell you what all you can expect from iPhones this year. Then you can make up your mind which iPhone you want to buy this year.

iPhone 12 Case Molds
iPhone 12 Series Case Molds

First of all a good news this year, you will not be getting 3 iPhones but you can put your hands on 4 of them. I want to thank god that Apple finally realised that consumers need a repertoire of Products to choose from. 

Let’s first talk about the changes which will be included in all the iPhones this year.  


iPhone 12 Pro Max Renders
iPhone 12 Pro Max Renders

Apple is feeling nostalgic these days. The impact of this nostalgia is visible on this year’s iPhones. The new iPhones will not have rounded side as they are right now but It will have box type finish this year. The box finish we are talking about is like the finish we had in iPhone 4, 4s, 5,5s.


For the first time, Apple is ditching retina LCD display from all the lower end iPhones, so the display experience will be better this year not up to industry standards but we all deserve that upgrade at least. 120 Hz display is expected on one or two phones but this rumour has divided the leakers so we can’t really give final predictions on this.

The notch size will be the same. I think it is high time Apple should move past notches as they are pretty old according to what consumers want now. Rumour of the notch getting smaller stands corrected.

No Charger Brick this year

iPhone 12 Series Box render
iPhone 12 Series Box render

I think you all know this, but this year’s iPhones will not have a Charger brick in the box. The main objective behind this is reducing cost as the cost of this year’s iPhone is apparently very high for Apple. So if you are planning to buy an iPhone and you are currently an android user then you will have to pay some extra money on that. And it is a separate interesting discussion why Samsung and Apple are ditching these chargers now. We will do that in some future blogs. 

5G Connectivity

All the iPhones this year will have 5G connectivity. In India, this feature is not so useful right now but you can foolproof yourself for future in such case.

Time to go on with specific iPhone now

There are 4 iPhones, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Max and then iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. A bit confusing, right?  Last year there were 3 iPhones, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. So as iPhone 11 Pro had a Max version last year. This year even lower-end phone like iPhone 11 which iPhone 12 got Max version. Therefore, The list of iPhones this year is:

  1. iPhone 12 Mini
  2. iPhone 12
  3. iPhone 12 Pro
  4. iPhone 12 Pro Max

iPhone 12 Mini

iPhone 12 Size

iPhone 12 will be of a 5.4-inch phone with an OLED display with a notch, so basically that size in layman’s terms will be slightly like very slightly smaller than iPhone 7, 8, SE. The display is bigger than that but size is small as there are no thick bezels on the top and bottom of the phone. The phone will start from $650 which is approximately 64,000 to 65,000 Rupees in India after all taxes. Just to make it clear iPhones this year won’t be cheaper due to manufacturing of a few models in India but from 2021 or 2022 iPhones will be far cheaper in India as the impact of the assembly in India on the price will rise as more Products will be made in India.

I will recommend this phone to everyone who needs a small phone with a decent experience or someone who wants to buy an iPhone at a cheaper price. Parents usually prefer a smaller display so its the best fit for them, also some people also like small phones as some people have smaller hands so it will be best for you guys. This iPhone will be the most selling iPhone this year in my perspective.

iPhone 12

It will be a 6.1-inch phone with an OLED display and a notch. It will be the same size as last year’s iPhone 11. It will start from $750 and in India from 74,000 to 75,000 Rupees. I will recommend this to majorly teenagers who will prefer a bigger screen and better performance. For people who believe that iPhone 12 will be too small for them and the iPhone 12 Pro would be too expensive then iPhone 12 is best suited for you.

iPhone 12 Pro 

This is more of a premium phone segment of iPhone 12 series. It will be a 6.1 inch iPhone exactly the same as iPhone 12 Max but the design will be more premium with a stainless steel finish. It will start at $999 and it will cost around 97,000 to 99,000 Rupees. I will recommend this phone to people who are looking for a premium phone and who doesn’t want to go to an extra huge size of iPhone 12 Pro Max.

iPhone 12 Pro Max

Finally, a powerful phone is here. iPhone 12 Pro Max which will a huge 6.7-inch display which might have 120 Hz but with no LTPO. Come on Apple, now you have to give us smoother displays as everyone else is giving it and it is a must in 2020. So for starters, currently your iPhone or any android from 2018 is running on 60 Hz. Refresh Rate is basically the number of times your screen refreshes in a second. At 60 Hz, your phone screen refreshes 60 times per second. So when the phone is refreshing at 120 Hz, it is double the smooth when it was refreshing at 60 Hz.

 As Samsung makes Apple’s Display, Samsung is not willing to give the LTPO technology as it differentiates its own phone from everyone in the industry. LTPO is basically making sure that your phone is changing the refresh rate according to requirements and doesn’t run on 120 Hz all the time. It saves nearly 20-30 per cent battery which is very is essential for the iPhone as they have smaller batteries. As Samsung is not providing them with this technology, we can’t really say that iPhone 12 Pro Max will come 120Hz. This rumour can’t be completely verified. 

This phone will start at $1099 and in India it will cost around 107,000 to 109,000. It will go till 145,000 for higher storage variant. I will surely recommend this phone to power users or people just want to buy the most premium iPhone. Power users can be heavy multitaskers or gamers. But it is hard to do both iOS anyway. you can’t even play Fortnite and now PUBG so let’s see. 

Other Apple Products this year

Let’s move to all other products coming this year, I will give a brief introduction about all the other products,

  1. Apple Watch Series 6 – It won’t a huge upgrade over last year’s watch. It will surely be a more refined version of the Apple Watch Series 5.
  2. AirTags – It is a new product for Apple which is going to be a small size disc-shaped tracking device. thus will help you track things. It will also make use of AR features and help you transfer data quickly. It is a rumoured product, I can’t guarantee that it will launch this year. They will launch in March 2021
  3. 11-inch iPad Air – It will be newer version of iPad Air. It will be with either an on-screen Touch ID or Touch ID in the Power button.
  4. HomePod Mini – A new version of Apple HomePod, the smart speaker by Apple.
  5. AirPods Max – It will cost nearly $550 and include Active Noise Cancellation. This launch of this product can’t also be guaranteed.

It is expected that there will be no MacBooks launching this year. I would also ask everyone who is planning to buy Macbook this year, It is a real no-go for you. Apple is designing their own chipsets from 2021 rather than buying them from Intel. It will eventually make the MacBooks of 2021 far more superior.

Services Bundle – Apple One 

Apple is planning to provide services bundle to its consumers. A quick fascinating information, Apple is not in the business of selling phones or laptops anymore. You read that right, their primary or core business isn’t selling phones. They make the most money from their services like Apple Music, Apple TV+, etc. Phones, Laptops and wearables have just become an intermediary to make you use those services in the end. In that case, Apple will be making a bundle of these services and will sell you at a discounted price which will eventually make their services business grow and at the same time, it is a good deal for customers using those services.

Final Thoughts

In the end, I just think the event will probably be the best online event as Samsung did some cringe stuff in ‘Unpacked One’ although most of the products were extraordinary. Overall the products will be a huge success this year. Apple is making really good moves this year in this segment. If you want to read about Apple strategies on software from then you can read this. I can’t really say the same when it comes to other things like Anti-trust and ethics. But the products this year will be above the level at which Apple generally provides its consumers. 

If you think this blog will help you make the purchasing decision or makes you aware of interesting topics then you can also go to my podcast and listen to such insightful topics. 

Thank you for reading. Peace out

4 thoughts on “iPhone 12: What to expect from it and other Apple products?”

  1. Good Work! One thing which I’m not able to wrap my head around is the prices. We knew earlier the IPhones were costly in India due to the import tarrifs but now when we know that the IPhones are going to be made in India, why do they still have to be so costly?

    1. Hey Apoorv! Thank you so much.
      Foxconn mobile, the company which manufactures mobile phones for Apple, has invested a lot of money in India and the production of some new iPhones are happening in India. There are many reasons why it is expected that the prices will not rise in India this year but in future are;
      1. Foxconn is assembling the phones in India and manufacturing of parts is still happening outside India that will not affect the price a lot this year.
      2. Production of iPhone 12 series in India is still very less and the level of production till can’t meet the demands of India. That lack of production capacity as the investment is done now only will force Apple to have consistent pricing for all iPhones, which will make them expensive.
      They are just my theories about the pricing and I might stand corrected in future but for now, these reasons are good enough for Apple to keep their phones at the same prices.
      I hope your doubts are being answered. Thank you for showing interest:)))

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